RT silenced in Washington DC

Still believe the propaganda the federal government feeds its citizens about freedom of speech and of free press in the USA? Read this and wake up from your stupor.

Freedom House, an American, self-appointed watchdog of freedom of the press, which claims to be an NGO (non-governmental organization), has this to say about Russia (2016):

The main national news agenda is firmly controlled by the Kremlin. The government sets editorial policy at state-owned television stations, which dominate the media landscape and generate propagandistic content.

Here is the equivalent description of freedom of the press in the US if Freedom House evaluated American media using the same yardstick:

The main national news agenda is firmly controlled by the plutocrats. The wealthy owners of corporate media set editorial policy at privately owned, for-profit television stations, which dominate the media landscape and generate propagandistic content and fake news.

Wikipedia states: "The organisation [FH] was 66-85% funded by grants from the US government from 2006-2015." So much for the fake NGO claim.

Wake up, America.

"America is everything they falsely accuse Russia of being."

— Orion Von Walker, comment posted on YouTube

"What Donna, what Sarah have said, that people support their army and government, is absolutely true. Whatever you hear in the corporate media is the complete opposite. And on that note, what you hear in the corporate media —and I will name them: BBC, Guardian, New York Times, et cetera— on Aleppo is also opposite of reality."
— Eva Bartlett, Independent Canadian Journalist, 9 December 2016, at the United Nations

"More than 90 percent of the media is owned by just six companies: Viacom, News Corporation, Comcast, CBS, Time Warner and Disney."
— Michael Corcoran, "Democracy in Peril"

Check out who corporate (mainstream) media really is:

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA – The Informative Kind
(as opposed to Corporate Media – The Indoctrinating Kind)

The political degeneration of the West, exemplified by the currently fashionable neo-imperialist tenets that glorify global hegemony, financial tyranny, too-big-to-fail corporations, and perpetual warfare (tenets presaged by Orwell and peddled by neocon ideologues since their coming of age in the Thatcher-Reagan era, the peddling done with the propaganda machinery furnished by moneyed oligarchs), presents a serious challenge to the thinking citizen. For the information the citizenry receives —the one indispensable element that sustains the flame of democracy— is tainted by a captive corporate media that selects, sanitizes, molds, packages and disseminates the “right” information. Truth, when inconvenient, is dispensable. The term neocon, incidentally, is a misnomer, for these people are not socially responsible conservatives like some (if rather few) of their precursors. These recycled “neos” are the same old, far-right zealots and wannabe despots that litter the course of history. Despots and their propagandist flunkies have wreaked havoc on humankind since the dawn of civilization. There is nothing neo about them. The proper term for these opportunists is reactionaries. What passes as new this time around is that the despots are the moneygrubbers, historically known as the merchant class* or, as what many a merchant loathes to be called as a group, the bourgeoisie. In the West, public officials have been reduced to being the grubbers’ stooges. The bourgeoisie have risen to the top nowadays, the top of the financial muckheap. They are the nouveau haute bourgeoisie and have plenty of money to buy as many politicians and bureaucrats and policymakers as they wish. As a result Western democracy is all but dead. Voting is irrelevant, for the elected from the establishment parties will dutifully obey their grubber masters, regardless. We are living in the times of plutocracy.

What can I do? you might ask. Why, declare your independence, of course. First off, dump your TV set in the trash. Television is not where it’s at, for news or anything else. It still is where the moneygrubbers desperately cling to since it still rakes in the cash, but it’s rapidly becoming ancient history, like a sinking ship. The way to go in this day and age is the Internet. You knew that. So get rid of the boob tube. But what about my movies and sports? You can cut off cable and do online streaming. No prob. Force any holdouts to embrace the Web. Remember, the customer is always right. Make it stick. Who’s the boss here, you or the moneygrubbing bastards?

With the Web, you are in charge. Big Bro cannot dictate what you have to watch and the merchants can be kept at bay. For with the Web you control with a click of the mouse. Or a touch of the finger or whatever.

Following is a sampling of websites offering an alternative viewpoint, not the garbage meant to stultify your mind. People like John Kerry call them “propaganda bullhorns”. They are all propaganda bullhorns, John, especially the beholden corporate media; propagating is precisely what they do. But some bullhorns are more honest than others in their coverage. Nothing wrong with presenting your point of view, as long as it’s not a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts —falsehoods— systematically slanted and even faked so as to subtly indoctrinate: to make people gullible, pliable and dumb. That’s the problem with contemporary corporate media: they are nothing but a bunch of manipulating liars. Sorta like the Brit's ruling stratum.

Don’t be a fuddy-duddy. Stave off the demagogic miscreants who are out to program your brain for the benefit of the plutocratic miscreants. Explore alternative media space and inform yourself on your own. Stand tall and be free. Send the blasted miscreants packing. And do your bit to restore citizens’ democracy.

* Actually, the merchant class has historically preyed on and risen to dominate the political establishment of virtually all cultures in the western world, often prior to the decline and fall of many of those cultures: Greece, Rome, Medieval kingdoms galore, the commercial city states of northern Italy, and the brutally exploitative European nation-states in the age of colonialism, to name a few cases. You want downfall? A world war, perhaps? Call in the merchants. Then grin and bear it.

I wrote to The Christian Science Monitor's editorial board to let them know how I thought they were doing their job. The Monitor, a respected American news medium of standing deemed comparable to The New York Times, The Guardian and the BBC, published an editorial commentary supporting the West's coordinated reaction to the false flag Skripal assassination ploy in Britain. This was my feedback:

"That the Monitor debases itself by joining in the chorus of anti-Putin propaganda orchestrated by the CIA/MI6 assassins confirms that Western media tops George Orwell's predictions by far. Timing is everything, gentlemen. That the Skripal attack happened just when the Russian presidential elections were about to be held speaks volumes of who really is behind the crime. My question to you is, Why should I waste my time reading your nonsense? I or any other thinking person, for that matter. I was once subscribed to the Monitor, for a time. Not any more. I will certainly not pay to be propagandized, more so when done ineptly."

I should also mention that I stopped reading the Times, Guardian and BBC after the Ukraine coup d'état for the very same reason.

The West's nemesis. While corporate media cannot be trusted in their coverage of world and USA political news, RT is doing a great job on both counts. That has really bugged people in Washington, a sure sign that RT is doing things right. BBC no longer rules the (air)waves, having collapsed into a discredited Tory bullhorn. Even the Scots say it's trash. RT is government-funded but, unlike the BBC (and corporate media), it operates under a truly independent editorial policy. Corporate media will rabidly deny this, as expected, but the fact is that old-time, courageous, independent-minded journalism is dead in all Western corporate media. Any reporter crazy enough to not toe the corporate line will be summarily fired. And blackballed from the industry. How's that for liberty and freedom of speech. Fraudulent corporate media are in no position to criticize RT.

RT now reigns in number of viewers worldwide through numerous websites and live stream channels offering news, intelligent shows, and a wide variety of revealing documentaries, investigative programming you won't find elsewhere, certainly not in Western media. Check it out for yourself. Following are some of their principal sites:

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