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"We like to believe, and we want other countries to believe, that [the US is] this shining beacon for human rights and civil rights and civil liberties. And it's just simply not true."
―Former CIA analyst John Kiriakou on RT’s On Contact program with host Chris Hedges, 27 May 2018
Thank you, Chelsea.
Thank you, Julian.
Thank you, Edward.
Give 'em hell, honey!
Give 'em hell, honey!

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, spiritual leader of the Sioux Nation, leads his people to peacefully pray near a law enforcement barricade just outside a Dakota Access pipeline construction site. Activists at the Malheur wildlife refuge in Oregon were carrying guns – but ‘if native people were armed, we would be killed,’ says an activist at Standing Rock. Read The Guardian story. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters

Antwon Rose Jr.

I Am Not What You Think
by Antwon Rose Jr
16 May 2016
I am confused and afraid
I wonder what path I will take
I hear that there's only two ways out
I see mothers bury their sons
I want my mom to never feel that pain
I am confused and afraid

I pretend all is fine
I feel like I'm suffocating
I touch nothing so I believe all is fine
I worry that it isn't though
I cry no more
I am confused and afraid

I understand people believe I am just a statistic
I say to them I'm different
I dream of life getting easier
I try my best to make my dream come true
I hope that it does
I am confused and afraid

Welcome to the Diego Azeta Website

A Place for Critical Thinking
(We don't take no bull from nobody)

Diego Azeta has no physical existence in ordinary four-dimensional spacetime.
For the time being, Azeta abides in cyberspace and kindred symbolic domains.

Functionally, Azeta is a cybernetic systems analyst, writer of quasi-fictional
narratives, and commentator of geopolitical strategy and global affairs.

(Cybernetics is the science that studies the  
behavior of dynamic, goal-seeking systems.)

Which cartouche is larger, the Knight's above or the Rook's below?


Still believe the lies you're told in the US
about hunger and deprivation in Venezuela?

Watch these:
"The only way that a building can accelerate
as it collapses is by having pre-engineered,
precisely timed and precisely placed explosives,
in other words, controlled demolition."
―William Rice, PE

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The Great Problems of Humankind

The Palestinian Vision of Peace by Yasir Arafat

Saving Ourselves from Self-Destruction by Mohamed ElBaradei

The Climate for Change by Al Gore

The Sixth Mass Extinction by Center for Biological Diversity

Antimicrobial Resistance by World Health Organization

When Politics Corrupts Money by Shirin Ebadi and Amir Attaran

The world's biggest problem: Wackos

Works by Sapiens Sapiens

Cuba Sí, Yanqui… Bueno, eso está por verse, no? A ver qué se traen los gringos esta vez.
Brother Obama by Fidel Castro

Eichmann's Final Defense
Text of Adolf Eichmann's request for clemency in 1962

Monte Albán de los Zapotecas
Visual tour of the Zapotec capital

Comparatively Mundane Stuff

Insider Corruption at Wikipedia by Diego Azeta

Internet Media
Alternative Media leaves Mainstream Media in the dust

Open source, public domain, and author-contributed books, texts, articles

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Latin Caribbean pop music classics

Ladies and gentlemen: Prince
Rock's performer extraordinaire

Classic works by the master Russian composer

Selected performances by Yuja Wang

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News you won’t find in mainstream media:

“It is better to be a Tatar in Crimea than a Russian in Latvia. But Europe prefers to forget about it.”
— Thierry Mariani, Member of the National Assembly of France

Read the full story here.

Brief history reminder:
The Republic of Crimea refused to recognize the new government in Kiev, which came to power through an American-instigated armed coup in February 2014 that toppled the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Crimea and Sevastopol, a city with a special status on the Crimean peninsula, voted for independence from Ukraine and re-joined Russia in a referendum on March 16, 2014. (Crimea had been a part of Russia since the times of the birth of the USA.) The decision was supported by about 97 percent of voters with an 83 percent turnout.

The Clarion Call
At a time when so few have so much and so many have so little, we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable.
— Bernie Sanders, The Vatican, 15 April 2016

2018 Doomsday Clock Statement (PDF download)

Earth Lights

Ensuring that the Internet stays open, transparent,
and defined by people from around the world.

If that mission sounds good to you, please consider joining the Internet Society. There are no membership dues and you are free to participate in the society's activities as much or as little as you wish. Your privacy is always respected, of course, for that is an IS core value. The larger the society's membership, the stronger our voice within the international community.

The IETF Journal provides an easily understandable overview of what's happening in the world of Internet standards. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet.

Soviet and American soldiers meet at the Elbe River in Germany on 25 April 1945

Who was the idiot that destroyed the camaraderie that naturally sprung at the Elbe?
   a) Harry Truman
   b) Harry Truman
   c) Harry Truman
   d) Harry Truman
(Hint: try Harry Truman)

Harry Truman destroyed friendly relations between the USSR and USA, created the CIA, and started the Cold War. What a jerk!

Would you trust this guy?
(See who he is here.)

Or this one?

The Knight's cartouche is slightly taller.

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